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What we do is use technology to make people’s lives easier.

Do you want to reach out and be more present in the life of your customers?
We’ll make you an app.

Do you want to make everything more efficient in your company?
We’ll make you a software so that you can save precious time and avoid human error.

Let’s sit and talk. We will help you find the best mix for the company you represent, then deliver it at an unparalelled price-time-quality ratio.

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We’re a team of millenials, and we truly believe in the IT Industry. We live and breathe digitally. We may not have 10 years of experience or 300 employees yet, but that’s where we’re heading because we feel like the only way to go is up.

Working with startups, medium sized companies as well as corporations, we take pride in how we managed to bring value to each and every one of them. The ambition, enthusiasm and dedication that we put in everything we do is what’s different about us. We’re not afraid of tight deadlines, super specific requests or complicated situations. We love the challenge, we love to prove ourselves, we just love being in the game and making money out of what we do best.

What we do now is offer products and services that businesses need in the digital world: hosting, software, IT consultance, marketing, backend and frontend solutions. We know how it should be and we do everything like we would do for ourselves.

What we aim for is building long term relationships with our clients, this is why we always come with questions prepared. We really want to understand where you come from and where you’re going, so that we can offer you the best solution available.

Our products

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Webhosting / VPS / Dedicated Servers / SSL
100% Complete

What we offer:

1. Full stack of webhosting solutions
2. Dedicated servers
3. Domain names
4. Servers management
5. Infrastructure consultancy
6. SSL Certificates
7. Professional Backup

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Web development / iOS & Android apps / Software maintanance
100% Complete

What we offer

1. Online identity: Websites and blogs
2. E-commerce platforms
3. Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions (ERP)
4. Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)
5. Mobile Application Development (Android and iOS)
6. Android OS integration on custom hardware
7. B2B and B2C Platforms

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Web Push notifications & Business solutions
100% Complete
Reveals information regarding your connection
100% Complete
100 turnkey solutions for newly founded companies
60% Complete

What we offer

1. Presentation websites
2. E-commerce platforms
3. Professional blog

Note: In order to benefit from the special prices, you will have to fully fulfil the eligibility criteria.

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