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High-availability software

What we aim for is building long term relationships with our clients, this is why we always come with questions prepared. We really want to understand where you come from and where you’re going, so that we can offer you the best solution available.

What we do is use technology to make people’s lives easier. Do you want to reach out and be more present in the life of your customers? We’ll make you a website. Do you want to make everything more efficient in your company? We’ll make you a software so that you can save precious time and avoid human error.

Let’s sit and talk. We will help you find the best mix for the company you represent, then deliver it at an unparalelled price-time-quality ratio.


IT outsourcing

Outsourcing your IT department comes with a wide range of advantages:


You have a well-rounded tech team at your finger tips


You get just the right amount of support


You get an experienced team with great background knowledge

The ambition, enthusiasm and dedication that we put in everything we do is what’s different about us. We’re not afraid of tight deadlines, super specific requests or complicated situations. We love the challenge, we love to prove ourselves, we just love being in the game.


Cofounder of

The first web-push notifications with embedded image system in Romania

Check it out

Compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Samsung Internet and other browsers

Analysis and Consultancy

As a part of our goal of becoming reliable partners for our customers, we did not stop at executing their requests. We came up with ideas and development plans that turned out to be successful for them.

Are you ready to hear the word “NO”? Because we may not agree with your idea or plans if it does not lead directly to success.

Want to know the best part? We treat each business like it was our own, because the success of our partners is our success.

The most popular services

Online marketing strategies
Process automation
Code analysis
Resource optimization strategies
Module Compatibility Analysis