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Top web browsers for 2018

According to the latest W3Counter report, these are the most popular pc/laptop web browsers:

1. Google Chrome

2. Apple Safari

3. Firefox

4. Internet Explorer & Edge

5. Opera

Although no other web browser seems to be able to challenge Google Chrome, Tech Advisor points out in a recent article that they don’t have to. Because web browsers are free and extremely easy to install, there’s no need to only pick one, as they can be used alternatively.

What’s important

Things to look for are performance and compatibility, as well as password saving options, different device sync and extension/add-ons support.

The main advice is to not settle for a single web browser, but to remain flexible, switching to another browser if a website is not displaying properly or if a certain extension is not available on the one you are currently using.

They also remind us that Chrome is no longer supported on Windows XP and Vista, so the ones that do not want to upgrade to a newer version of Windows must choose an alternative one.

Alternative browsers

Yandex: Presented as the Russian equivalent of Google Chrome, it’s available for Windows, Android, iOS and macOS. It's based on Chromium and supports extensions, although the list isn't as expansive as Chrome's or Firefox's.

Comodo IceDragon: Claiming to focus on security, this web browser was launched last year and it’s fully compatible with Firefox plugins.

Maxthon: This Chinese web browser offers extras such as Maxnote for clipping things from the web, Passkeeper for logins and UUMail for virtual inboxes.

The Takeaway

To prevent any issue that may appear, here at NXTHUB we make sure to test the apps that we develop to ensure full compatibility with any browser that your customers may use.